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High Energy Bills Got You Down?

Save over 30% on your next energy bill with proper sealing, attic ventilation and blown or foam insulation from Green Attics!

Creating a more energy efficient home is on the minds of most Texans and of most Americans these days. As homeowners are finding increasing electric, gas and other utility bills, many are turning to a superior product that’s relatively new on the market to help battle the increasing heat and high energy bills: Spray Foam Insulation.

As the “greenest” insulation available on the market, spray foam saves money for homeowners who have either installed it in their new homes or retrofitted their current homes with this ground-breaking form of insulation. Not only can spray foam insulation save homeowners money on their monthly utility bills, but it has shown many other benefits such as a higher controllability of interior temperatures, and ultimately the highest level of comfort.

If you’ve struggled with a balance between hot and cool in your home, this product is perfect for you. You may be wasting hundreds or possibly even thousands of dollars each year heating and cooling. If your home is not thermally sealed or has “leaks” from the inside out, you’re likely to see a huge value in adding spray foam insulation to your existing home.

Stops Air Escaping or Entering the Home

Foam insulation is revolutionary because of its many capabilities, namely its ability to fill and seal joints, cracks, crevices and virtually unseen leaks in homes that hasn’t been possible with traditional fiberglass sheet products. Air infiltration has long been an issue, especially around windows, doors, duct work and wall join seams.

Relegates Moisture

Spray foam insulation allows homeowners to completely encapsulate their homes stopping leaks of not only air but also of moisture. With spray foam the typical moisture exchange from outside the home is stopped. Condensation does not occur with foam insulation. This can also lead to a much higher and safer air quality in your home.

Sound Dampening Properties

If you live close to a busy street, airport or city center, you can certainly attest to the issues outside noises can have on everyday life. While not technically an acoustical material, spray foam insulation seals your home. It therefore not only helps retain the sound within the confines of your own walls, but it also seals much of the outdoor sounds that may travel into your home’s living spaces

The Green Attics Process

The professionals from Green Attics work tirelessly to make the process as close to pain-free as possible for our clients.  You can expect this process:

Receive an Estimate

One of our team members will visit your home, do a thorough walk-thru & provide an accurate estimate.


Schedule Your Date

We will do our very best to work around your schedule.  Most installs take a day or less to complete.  We pride ourselves on being on-time!


The Work is Complete!

Our team will leave your attic and home as found it, if not cleaner!  Our team members are trained to treat your home as if it was their own.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

You don’t have to take our word for it, hear about us straight from our happy clients!

What I appreciate most about green attic’s is when I called Travis Ala to schedule a time , he showed up at the schedule time. Gave a very thorough exclamation what needed to be done, price was very reasonable, and scheduled the work day. Showed up on the workday on time and finished in the time he quoted. I will absolutely use Travis and Green Attic again. They do great work

Great help from Travis, as I’ve grown accustomed to expecting now. Whether it be work in the attic, or getting a recommendation for other work, Travis has proven to deliver. I got some spray foam in my attic, and a closet redone, both jobs were done superbly. Thanks

Have to say I was a little skeptical of the savings these guys were saying was possible, but I’m a believer now. Already seen a difference in my energy bill within the first month. Jeff was extremely professional and thorough. All in all a great experience and would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about lowering their energy bill, saving some cash, and making their home more efficient.

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